Sponsors and Donations


We will be thankful for plant donations in Brazil, bails or sponsors primarily for the biologist Mr. Dr. Chris Stuehrk, Mr. Joachim Jaeck and his wife Carmen Jaeck for emigration and movement to Brazil and for the breeding research for bananas in Brazil. Also job offers, flat offers (for Mr. Dr. Chris Stuehrk) in the area of Lucianópolis, Duartina and Bauru and immigration support are welcome. We will be thankful for every support, because many of exotic and banana enthusiasts in colder countries are dreaming about own banana harvests in their gardens outdoors, also for the support to keep endangered banana cultivars and species, our garden should help to save endangered Musa species and cultivars.

If you do want ship plants to Brazil, please contact us about import permissions and phytosanitary certificates. Currently only Paraguay, Argentina, Costa Rica and Israel may import banana plants and rhizomes to Brazil.

Please contact Joachim Jaeck, Chris Stuehrk or Helton Josué Teodoro Muniz (only Portuguese) by email.


Updated by Joachim Jaeck on September 25th, 2013