Lucianópolis has tropical climate with hot and humid summers and warm and dry winters. Frosts, ice and snow are nearly unknown there, the temperatures do fall very rarely down under 32°F. At least on June 26th, 2011 they fell down to 28°F (-2°C), this caused serious frost damages at many trees and plants and even several banana plantations frozen, but the most bananas are reacting like Musa basjoo and come back! The lowest night temperature in the winter is usually at 43°F (+6°C). Lucianópolis has USDA zone 11. You can grow there nearly all plants which are not hardy or will survive only by heated winter protection in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland and colder countries, so that you can plant there practically all plants which are also growing in Florida, California, on the Canary Islands, in Hawaii and Mallorca. The climate allows to grow bananas with regularly harvests, growing of sugar canes, jackfruit, mango, citrus fruits, ananas and other tropical fruits. The daylight lengths sind like the of the of the Canary Islands and Florida, but the seasons are reverse, the summer begins on December 21st, the fall begins on March 20th, the winter on June 21st and the spring on September 21st. The Christmas Days are celebrated there in the summer, one awesome summer party with christmas tree and barbecue in the garden or beach!  And the Easter Days are celebrated in the fall and in the late fall Whitsun! One Christmas festival and one New Year party in the summer are somewhat totally special and one must for everyone who is tired of celebrating Christmas Days and New Year parties in the winter in the coldness and darkness! However, please do not book the flight too near at the Christmas Days, because the flight tickets are regularly expensiver than for other times. Malaria and Yellow Fever don’t occur in the area of Lucianópolis, the danger of dengue is also hardly given, because the preventive measure of the town are strict.

Infos about the weather and weather prediction for Lucianópolis (unfortunately only in the Portuguese language, but also without or with only little Portuguese language knowledge understandable)



Updated by Joachim Jaeck on September 24th, 2013