Our Plants

In our 3,619.02 square meters large yard there are a lot of many different plants, different banana cultivars, citrus fruits, avocado, mango, jackfruit, pithaya, sugar cane, custard apple, rose apple, jamaica cherry, cashnew nut (cajú), eriobotrya, coconut, Brazilian pine, baobab, tree paradise bird flower, traveller’s tree, African tulip tree, Grevillea in 2 species, jelly palm, dwarf date palm, plumeria, oleander, hibiscus, bougainvillea, sage. strawberry guava, feijoa, syagrus, figs, apple trees, pear tree, acerola berry, blackberry, guava, graviola, litchi, yellow oleander, birch fig, acai palms and some others. New plantings also were made, with Streletzia nicolae, Streletzia regia, Ravenala madagascariensis, Citrus x paradisi, Citrus lemon, Arthocarpus altilis, Adansonia digitata, Acca sellowiana, Hylocereus undatus, Ensete maurelli, Butia capitata, Phoenix roebellini, Araucaria angustifolia, Musa 'Nanição, Musa basjoo 'Sakhalin', Musa velutina, Musa basjoo, Musa basjoo 'Sapporo', Heliconia cultivars and 6 new disease resistant Brazilian banana cultivars. Further Artocarpus hebecarpus (jackfruit) was sown outdoors. Also a lot of different banana species were obtained as seeds, approxiimately 15 origins, hybrids and species have already germinated at our partner Frutas Raras. Pups from all of the banana cultivars of Frutas Raras and our seedlings will be brought by our partner Helton Josué to Lucianópolis, best thanks to him!


Updated by Joachim Jaeck on April, 2nd, 2011