Experience the world of bananas, mangos and tropical plants on currently 3619.02 square meters in Lucianópolis in the state of São Paulo in Southern Brazil! In Brazil alone are over 500 banana cultivars and many different heliconia species existing, in the world is supposed to be 1,200 banana species and cultivars, bananas belong to one large genus which is rich of forms. In our yard. Only a small part of the whole banana and heliconica species of Brazil will be planted in our yard because of the place reasons, but the stock will show the richness of the genera Musa, Heliconia, Ravenala and Streletzia. Also a collection of various fruits and citrus fruits are available, some are rare and totally unknown in Germany.

Many of the fruits and also many banana cultivars and species are endangered by extinction, therefore we will preserve rare fruits and bananas in cooperation with Colecionando Frutas, which are important to fight against hunger across the world, so we will keep an important gene pool, the agriculture impoverishes genetically by monocultures and overbred cultivars, the genetic diversity of fruit and banana varieties is very important for the survival of mankind. These are the principles of Colecionando Frutas and us.

Besides, we do breeding experiments with the goal to create hardy fruit bananas for the coldest climate zones of Southern Brazil, southern South America, for  the northern areas of the United States and also for Central and North West Europe on the base of Musa basjoo and sikkimensis.



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Updated on November 1st, 2013

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