Import Regulations for Plants for Brazil


It's prohibited and punishable to simply take plants to Brazil, without import permits and phytosanitary certificates, because the danger exists, that invasive plants could be introducted to Brazil, which could disturb the Brazilian ecology. However bananas aren't invasive, but it has to make sure that only absolutely disease-free corms, seedlings and suckers are to introduct to Brazil, the import regulations are rigorous. At every university in every city is there a phytosanitary office, if necessary then ask for it. But at first  apply for one import permission for plants (please state species of plants and the reason for one import) at the Brazilian Agricultural Ministery in the Portuguese language, we can help you because of the Portugiese language. The website of the Brazilian Agricultural Ministery is Currently the import of banana rhizomes, seedlings and suckers is prohibited since May, 17th, 2005. One trial to get one import permission for banana rhizomes and young plants from Germany, the U. S. A. and Thailand is failed at this import prohibition.

Generally we try to find sources in Brazil to order the plants to let to plant them in Lucianópolis. This doesn't always work, even if you are searching intensively by Google. But we got support from our partner Helton Josué from Colecionando Frutas ( in the obtaining.


Updated by Joachim Jaeck on September 25th, 2013